June 21, 2024

A Bowlful of Flavor: Tazón Cocina Mexicana Arrives in Fullerton

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A Bowlful of Flavor: Tazón Cocina Mexicana Arrives in Fullerton

A lively new Mexican diner has taken over the neighborhood in the middle of Fullerton. Tazón Cocina Mexicana, whose name means “bowl” in Spanish, opened in early December and brought a lot of Southern Mexican tastes to the area. Here are some of the things that make Tazón stand out in the busy world of Mexican fast food.

Tazón Cocina Mexicana Special Touch on Organic Goodness

Tazón Cocina Mexicana is different because it makes its tacos from organic heirloom corn masa. There are a lot of Mexican fast-casual restaurants in Southern California, but this one stands out because it only serves organic food. The focus on high-quality products is clear in the bold flavors that make your taste buds dance with each bite.

Tastes of Southern Mexico: A Menu with a Difference

There are some similarities between Tazón and the well-known Tocaya Organica chain, but Tazón’s food is more Southern Mexican. Every bowl of food in Southern Mexico, from the rich and savory mole verde with chicken to the flavorful cochinita pibil and tender short ribs, is a story of a different and delicious food culture. The chicken tinga bowl is a must-try for people who like their food hot.

Sipping on Mexican Delights: A Drink Menu That Will Make You Happy

That’s not all that Tazón Cocina Mexicana does well; they also have a great drink menu. You can quench your thirst with aguas frescas or enjoy the strong tastes of Mexican coffee. People who want something heavier can choose from a variety of beers, margaritas, and micheladas at Tazón. You won’t just eat; it’s a cooking party for your taste buds.

Perfect Timing: Filling a Gap in the Kitchen

Since Pedro’s Tacos just closed down nearby, Tazón’s opening couldn’t come at a better time. The restaurant comes in to fill the gap in the area’s dining options, giving people a new and interesting place to eat. Rabih Sater, his business partner, and brothers Julian and Luis Martinez bring their love of Mexican food to Fullerton, making it a friendly place where people can enjoy delicious Southern Mexican food.

Roots in the Yucatan: A Journey Through Food

With roots in the Yucatan, the Martinez brothers know a lot about food and bring that experience to Tazón. A taste of good dining in Las Vegas shows that their experience goes beyond the borders of Southern Mexico. This mix of local knowledge and a bit of class makes for a dining experience that is both real and elevated.

Beyond Tazón: A Business in the Food Industry

Rabih Sater gives Tazón a unique taste. He is known for running the specialty coffee roasting company Espresso Republic Coffee in Chino and the Dripp coffee shops all over Orange County. His knowledge of coffee goes well with Tazón’s wide range of foods, which turns it into more than just a restaurant. It’s a food business that serves a wide range of tastes.

The End of Tazón’s Culinary Adventure

When Tazón Cocina Mexicana opens, it will add a burst of tastes, a commitment to organic goodness, and a touch of Southern Mexican warmth to Fullerton’s already lively food scene. Everything about Tazón shows how passionate and creative the people who work there are, from the hand-made tacos to the variety of bowls. If you’re ever in Fullerton, don’t miss the chance to try something new and delicious at Tazón. Each bowl has a story about tradition, creativity, and the joy of good food.


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